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We love to help those who would like to do their own floral but need help planning all of the aspects- what kind of flowers, how many of each, where to order from? Our DIY service is the perfect fit for those with a tasteful eye and eagerness to create on their own. We will deliver all of your floral/disposable supplies to you, usually the day before your wedding.



We will assist in planning quantities and order everything for you, then deliver your stems in labeled buckets of water on the delivery day of your choice (usually 1-2 days prior to the wedding).



You and your friends will assemble your gorgeous flowers and store in water in a cool location overnight. We provide all disposable supplies, so you will probably only need floral shears.



We use only premium flowers from various sources worldwide. However you use them, the process is enjoyable and rewarding and your end result will be beautiful!

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